Elevate Exhibitor Manual 2022

15-16th June 2022


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  4. Quick Reference Guide to Contractors
  5. The A-Z of Services & Regulations
  6. Regulations for Stand Building
  7. Health & Safety
  8. Site Rules & Induction
  9. Order Forms


Thank you for choosing to exhibit at Elevate 2022. We are looking forward to working closely with you at this event and are pleased to be returning to ExCel London.

This exhibitor manual is designed to help you plan a successful exhibition, to avoid any problems and to enjoy a smooth, trouble-free run-up to the event. Please do not hesitate to contact the organising team if you have any queries.

Please ensure you read this manual fully and don’t forget to send your completed forms back to us by the stated deadlines.

The Order Forms section of the manual lists all of the compulsory and optional forms and acts as a useful checklist for you.

If you have any questions, require special assistance or any clarification whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great exhibition!

Scam Emails

We never sell our data to third parties!

As the organisers, we do not sell our data nor do we work with data brokers or sellers. Other than ourselves the organisers, no third party organisation will be in possession of the show data. In this post-GDPR world, we are more careful than ever about how the data is dealt with.

If you receive an email saying you can buy the show data, do not be tempted to follow this up, instead delete the email.

Please be vigilant – if you are unsure re an email you have received please do contact us.

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The Exhibition Team

Elevate contacts

Sales and Sponsorship

Lucy Findlay
Tel: 0782 606 8242
Email: [email protected]


Osman Fattani
[email protected]

Hazel Needham
[email protected]

Operations and Logistics  

Maelstrom Event Solutions
Tel: +44 (0) 1743 606744
Fax: +44 (0) 1743 606749
Email: [email protected]

Maelstrom Event Solutions Ltd
Global House
Sitka Drive
Shrewsbury Business Park

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Exhibition Timetable

Monday 13th June08:00 – 18:00  Space Only Access Only
Tuesday 14th June08:00 – 19:00
10:00 – 19:00  
Space Only Access Only
Shell scheme Access
Open PeriodTimeShow Open Hours
Wednesday 15th June09:30 – 17:30Show Open
Exhibitors can access the hall from 08:30
Thursday 16th June09:30 – 16:30Show Open
Exhibitors can access the hall from 08:30
Thursday 16th June17:00 – 22:00Breakdown


Under no circumstances must any stand fittings, machinery, equipment or displays etc. be left in the hall after 20.00 on 16th June.

Any items left in the hall after this time will be disposed of and the removal charge invoiced direct to the exhibitor.

Removal of exhibitors can start once the show closes, after 4.30pm on Thursday 16th June. All graphics or display materials attached to booth walls must be removed by the exhibitor as shell scheme stand structures will be dismantled from 17.00hrs.

Security staff is under strict instruction to stop exhibitors taking exhibits out of the halls before this time.

All personal property and exhibits must be cleared from shell scheme stands prior to dismantling.

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Quick Reference Guide To Contractors        

AccommodationEvent ExpressWeb: https://www.eventexpressuk.com/e/elevate-2022/
Audio VisualAztec Event Services LtdTel: +44 (0)207 803 4000
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://expo.aztecuk.com/collections/elevate-2022
Carpet & FloorcoveringsHuman BuiltTel: 0121 794 2769
Email: [email protected]
CateringExCeLTel: +44 (0)20 7069 4100
Email: [email protected]
CleaningExCeLTel: 020 7069 4400
Email: [email protected]
ElectricsHuman BuiltTel: 0121 794 2769
Email: [email protected]
Exhibitor Badges Event Data Web: https://eventdata.uk/Exhibitor/Elevate2020.aspx
Freight Forwarding, Storage & Lifting CEVA LogisticsShipping Instructions Tariff
FurnitureXpectTel: 01923 954 875
Website: www.xpect.co.uk
GraphicsMaelstrom Event SolutionsTel: 01743 606 744
Email: [email protected]  
Internet AccessExCeLTel: 020 7069 4400
Email: [email protected]
Lead Scanner Event Data Web: https://eventdata.uk/Scanner/Elevate2020.aspx
Stand Plan InspectionMaelstrom Event SolutionsTel: 01743 606 744
Email: [email protected]
Shell Scheme & Fascia NameboardsHuman BuiltTel: 0121 794 2769
Email: [email protected]
Water & WasteExCeLTel: 020 7069 4400
Email: [email protected]

The contact information provided on your stand booking contract will be used by us the organisers and the official contractors, as per your opt in on the contract to make sure your exhibit is organised as efficiently as possible. Under the lawful basis of legitimate interest in line with GDPR.

If you do not want any of the official contractors to contract you to help with your stand set up pre-show, please inform them directly to remove your information from their system.

If you have a generic email address you would rather was used for the pre-event organisation, please let us know and we will update our system.

If you chose not to have your information used by the organisers or the official contractors, please let us know.

The responsibility of meeting pre show deadlines will be solely yours, any surcharges will not be waivered, any issues with your fascia name board, walling, carpet, space only stand build, shell scheme builds changes and electrical socket moves will be charged directly to you.

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The A-Z of Services & Regulations


On arrival, vehicles need to make their way to the Traffic Administration Office on Sandstone Lane, sat nav postcode E16 1WW. There is a holding area in front of the Traffic Administration Office, please follow the Marshal’s directions to park, then proceed to the Traffic Administration Office in person. Drivers will then be issued with a Lorryway Access Document (LAD). This will detail the date, show name, name of the stand, stand number and vehicle registration number. It will also indicate a time limit for unloading or loading. Drivers must adhere to the specified time limit. Those exceeding the time limit will be clamped or removed. If extra time is needed, please see a traffic marshal.
Exit the Traffic Administration Office and return to your vehicle. You will be directed to a queuing system where you should wait until space is available on the lorryway to unload which will be advised to you by a marshal.

On completion of unloading/loading, vehicles must be removed to the relevant parking area or leave the site immediately.


Event Express have arranged specially negotiated rates at selected hotels near the ExCeL.

Bookings can be made online via PRIORITY by clicking the following link: https://www.eventexpressuk.com/e/elevate-2022/

Admission – Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitors are required to register all staff for the show. You can do this now using the below link:


If you have any queries please contact:  [email protected] or [email protected].

Please note lanyards will not be provided – there will be badge wallets if required

The registration desk will be open at the following times:

Tuesday 14th June12:00 – 14:00
Wednesday 15th June08:30 – 12:00
Thursday 16th June08:30 – 12:00

Audio Visual

Aztec has been appointed the official Audio-Visual contractor for the exhibition.

If you require any equipment for hire during the show please contact on the below details or alternatively the Order Form that can be found in the Order Form section of this manual.

Tel: +44 (0) 207 803 4000
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://expo.aztecuk.com/collections/elevate-2022


ATM machines are located throughout the boulevard.


Removal of exhibits and displays commences after the exhibition has closed and all visitors have left the exhibition hall. Under no circumstances may any goods be removed or packed away from your stand before this time. Trolleys must not be used until the hall is clear of visitors, and please note that contractors will not be permitted into the halls until all visitors have left.

In the interest of safety, exhibitors are asked not to continue with hospitality on their stands after the show closes.

Electrical power to stands will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes.


Traffic around the halls will be particularly busy during the first hour of breakdown.

All valuable items must be removed by 20:00 including stand-fitting materials. Items left on the gangways will be deemed as rubbish and thrown away.

We strongly advise that you do not leave any items unattended on your stand during this time. The Organisers and ExCel London cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage. We strongly advise that you have adequate insurance.

Build Up

The timetable for build-up is given under Exhibition Timetable. It is important that you contact us if you foresee any problems keeping to this schedule.

All stands must be finished by 19:00 on Tuesday 14th June to allow time for ExCeL London cleaning staff to clear the aisles of rubbish.

Business Centre             

The Business Centre is located on Level 0 of the boulevard.

Car Parking

All onsite parking at ExCeL London is pay and display. The ticket machines are located within the carpark.

Alternatively, you can pre-book your parking online using this link: https://www.excel.london/visitor/getting-here/driving-and-parking


Shell scheme stands will be carpeted in Grey

Space-Only stands will not be carpeted.

Exhibitors wishing to lay their own floor coverings may do so directly to the hall floor, on floor flats or on a platform. Please note that no damage must be done by screw or bolt to the hall floor and only approved tape can be used to affix floor coverings.

The office carpet contractor for the show is:

Human Built    
Tel: +44(0)121 794 2769
Email: [email protected]


ExCeL London Hospitality and Stand Catering are the exclusive caterers for the venue. They have sole rights over the hospitality and stand catering activity at all events taking place.

All Food & Beverage for both stand catering or hospitality catering must be purchased from ExCeL. 

ExCell London Hospitality can deliver fresh food and beverages to your stand to cater for staff lunches, parties or client entertaining. For more information or to place an order, please visit https://excellondonhospitality.exhibitorcatering.co.uk

For your own personal consumption a wide range of food and beverage is on around the venue.


Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the halls during the ACT Annual Conference. This includes Build up, Breakdown and the Open Days. This rule also applies to exhibitors’ children and we have a responsibility to rigidly enforce it to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.


If you are looking for additional cleaning on your stand please contact:

ExCeL London Cleaning:
Tel: 020 7069 4400
Email: [email protected]


You will find the cloakroom on level 0 by N4/S4. The opening times of the cloakrooms are open during show hours.

Common Areas

All common areas must be kept unobstructed at all times. Contractors, exhibitors, their staff and agents must keep ALL common areas clear whilst building or dismantling stands, exhibits etc. All exhibits must be kept within the confines of the stand space and demonstrations must not cause undue congestion and/or obstruction of common areas.

Complex Structures

A complex structure is any form of construction of any height which requires cross-bracing and/or would normally be designed by an engineer and /or has, through a risk assessment, been found to present significant risk. Structures over 4 meters in height, multi-storey stands and suspended items of 400kg and over are always treated as complex structures. Platforms and stages 600mm or over in height, tiered seating and stairs are also considered complex structures. Such structures must have fully detailed Structural Calculations and/or a detailed Constructional Method Statement along with a suitable and sufficient Construction Phase Plan, Risk Assessment and Method Statement submitted at the same time as your stand plans. Full details must be submitted to Maelstrom Events for inspection at least 30 days prior to the exhibition. Please refer to the Stand Plan Approvals section for details of the full stand plan submission process.

Please note that no Complex Structure may be built without prior consent from the Organisers before the planning process takes place.

Copies of the scaled drawings, structural calculations and construction drawings to prove stability, along with a payment of £350.00 plus VAT (made payable to ‘Maelstrom Event Solutions’) must be submitted to Maelstrom Event Solutions no later than 30 days prior to the event.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding your Stand Design please contact:

Maelstrom Event Solutions
Mercury House
Shrewsbury Business Park
Sitka Drive
Tel: 01743 606744
Email: [email protected]

Contractor Passes

Upon arrival at ExCeL London contractors will be issued with build up wristbands. These must be worn during the duration of build up.

Delivery of goods

All exhibits and materials must be delivered carriage paid, direct to the stand. The goods should be clearly labelled as follows:

Name of Exhibitor & Stand Number
Contact Number of Exhibitor
Elevate 2022
ExCeL London
1 Western Gateway
E16 1XL
United Kingdom

Exhibitors must ensure that a representative of their company is on-site to receive and sign for deliveries. Please note, deliveries must not be made to ExCeL before Monday 13th June 2022. The Organisers and the venue are unable to accept responsibility for any goods delivered to stands that are unmanned and regret that they are unable to sign for goods, exhibits or other material on behalf of an exhibitor.

If an exhibitor is unable to be on-site to receive deliveries the official lifting/freight forwarding company will take receipt of the goods for a charge.

The appointed official contractor is:

CEVA Logistics
Amanda Carrett
Tel: +44 (0) 330 587 7691
Email: [email protected]

Demonstrations on shell or space only stands

If you are planning on demonstrating any type of therapy or medical treatment at this event then please contact [email protected]

Before the event you will need to provide the following information/documents:

  • A full description of the activity/demonstration
  • a copy of your public liability insurance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Qualifications / Professional Membership
  • 1 member of your team may also need to be Emergency First Aid in the Work Place trained depending on the treatment, we will need a copy of this certificate.


Distribution of literature

Distributing material, such as printed leaflets, cards, circulars or articles, is prohibited unless from your own stand. This includes the gangways and around any catering or seating areas surrounding your stand.

Equality Act

Please note that all exhibitors are expected to comply with the Equality Act 2010 as far as is reasonably practical. For more information please follow this link: www.gov.uk/equality-act-2010-guidance.

In brief, exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that the design and construction of their stands provides for increased access for disabled people. This is not only about physical access to the stands for wheelchair users but also includes access to products and written information for people with visual impairments and access to the same standard of service for all other disabilities. However it is important to take account of health and safety legislation which has primacy over the disability regulations.

The Law

The Equality Act aims to ensure that disabled people are not treated less favourable by requiring that reasonable adjustments be made to enable disabled people to access the services on offer or that reasonable alternative means are provided; in the case of wheelchair access to a stand this could be achieved by the provision of a ramp but could equally be achieved by ensuring that assistance by suitably trained staff is available at all times.

Getting onto the stand

Exhibitors choosing to incorporate a ramp for wheelchair access must ensure that this complies fully with the requirements set out in this Manual.

Moving around the stand & accessing information

Information and products must be displayed in a position and at a height that can be reached by everyone and to ensure that people can move about the stand with ease; circulation areas between stand displays should be at least 1m wide; goods and products should be placed at a height between 650mm and 1060mm and information displayed at a height between 900mm and 1200mm; where any of these provisions are not possible staff on the stand must be proactive in assisting people to reach the information that they require.

Writing surfaces

The typical height of a counter top is between 1000 and 1200mm which provides very poor access to the writing surface for a range of disabled people; where possible provide a low level counter section at a height of 760mm with a clear 400mm horizontal depth below and a gently raised edge or provide a lightweight clipboard or lap tray for visitors to write on; sufficient lighting should be provided at the counter and this should not be positioned behind stand staff to avoid silhouetting their faces.


Different sizes, shapes and types of seating should be available since a seat that is too low or too high or has inappropriate armrests or side supports can have an impact on customer comfort; a variety of seating will accommodate those with differing mobility requirements. Seating arrangements must not obstruct access for wheelchair users or create trip hazards for people with visual impairments.

Flooring surfaces

No single floor finish is universally suitable for all disabled people but care should be taken in the choice of materials; flooring should be slip resistant even when wet, should not be highly glazed and should not create trip hazards at junctions of different materials; carpets should provide a firm surface to facilitate wheelchair passage and excessive use of underlay should be avoided.

Information and signage

The way that information is presented can impact significantly on the ease with which this can be accessed; signs must not create obstructions and glare from lighting should be avoided; avoid the use of high gloss finishes and internally illuminated signs; provide clear colour contrast between text and background and use upper and lower case text in preference to large blocks of upper case.

Colour Contrast

Colour contrast via usage of different colour tones will assist the visually impaired in accessing, moving and identifying exhibits. Reduction and prevention of reflective glare will ease stand accessibility.

Electrical Services & electrical regulations

Human Built are the official Electrical Contractor for the exhibition. They have a comprehensive range of electrical services for hire and installation and offer an extensive range of light fittings and flexible power supplies.

The installation or alteration of any electrical fitting by any person other than a member of the contractor’s staff is strictly prohibited. In accordance with current health and safety legislation all electrical equipment and fittings should comply with applicable test regulations. Any items failing such a test will NOT be connected to the Hall’s supply.

Exhibitors/Contractors who bring portable electrical appliances on-site should ensure that they have been regularly PAT tested (Portable Appliance Tested) and bear a recent PAT test pass certificate.

Any exhibitor in need of additional electrical requirements should contact:

Human Built
Tel: 0121 794 2769
Email: [email protected]

Electrical supply timetable

Electricity will be energised to stands as quickly as possible during the build-up period, subject to satisfactory inspection and testing of installations. Occasionally delays may occur due to the fact that adjoining stands are not complete and ready for inspection. During the full open days, power to stands will be from 08.00 each day until 30 minutes after the show closes. Any exhibitor needing electricity for the running down of machinery or working equipment etc. after the exhibition closes on the final day must inform the Organising Office of their requirements.

If you require power after the published build-up hours, you must notify the organiser’s office who can arrange this with the venue who will notify you of the charges.

Please remember to specify 24-hour electricity supply if this is required for refrigerators and/or computer equipment.

Exhibitor listing – Editorial entry 

We require your exhibitor listing, describing what you will be exhibiting, along with the exact company details you would like published (company name, address, contact number, email and website address.)

You can upload your entry on the Exhibitor Zone under Company Profile (exhibitor listing) if you have any questions please contact [email protected] and [email protected]

Floor Loading

The floor load is 18kN/m2 (excluding floor ducts)

Exhibitors with heavy equipment should consult the Maelstrom Event Solutions in the first instance in case in doubt: [email protected].

Woking machinery must be adequately guarded against any possibility of accidents to visitors. 

Freight, forwarding & storage

If you wish to ship freight without using the official appointed freight contractor (CEVA), the organisers, Maelstrom & CEVA will not be held responsible for getting your freight through customs. To avoid this situation occurring it is essential that you use the official contractor provided.

The official freight forwarder, customs clearing agent and sole on-site handling contractor is:

CEVA Logistics
Amanda Carrett
Tel: +44 (0) 330 587 7691
Email: [email protected]

To avoid late booking surcharge of up to 25% please book early.

They will co-ordinate the movement of all international freight from country of origin through to customs clearance and delivery to the venue.

On-site handling – For safety and security reasons CEVA Shows freight has sole responsibility for the movement, handling and co-ordination of all exhibits on the exhibition site. No other contractor or their equipment will be allowed to operate within the exhibition area.

Any exhibitors wishing to exhibit any heavy or large exhibits should contact CEVA Show freight who will check and confirm whether it can be delivered onto the stand.

Shipping Insurance – It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that their exhibits are covered by adequate insurance for the shipment to, duration of, re-packing and re-exportation form the exhibition to their premises or buyer.

Storage – the organisers, Maelstrom and CEVA are unable to provide facilities onsite for packing cases, surplus materials or any other property of exhibitors. Prior arrangements for safe keeping of such items must be made with CEVA.

During the build up and breakdown, the aisles in the exhibition hall must not be obstructed with packing materials, construction materials or debris. Aisles must be kept clear of cartons, crates or bulky exhibits at all times.

Empty packaging must be removed from the exhibition hall. Storage is prohibited. Any packaging or objects that are found left in the hall may be destroyed. The Organisers and venue do not bear any responsibility whatever in the event of loss or destruction of such items.

Exhibitors are to arrange with the official freight contractor for packing materials, empty carton boxes and wooden crates to be carried away for disposal or storage before the exhibition opens.

No excess stock & literature or packing cases may be stored on, around or behind stands.


Xpect has been appointed as the official furniture supplier for Elevate 2022.

To view their range of furniture please visit their website – www.xpect.co.uk

Or alternatively please call them on 01923 954 875


Shell Scheme graphics are available from Maelstrom Event Solutions, along with roller banners and pop ups.

For further information and costs please contact Liam Owens on [email protected] or 01743 606 744.

Please note – we are offering an early bird discount of 10% for shell scheme graphics if you order before 16th May 2022


ExCel London offers a complimentary, unsupported WiFi throughout the venue. This service is recommended for light internet usage and is not recommended for business-critical connections.

To purchase either a dedicated WiFi or hardwire please contact:

ExCeL London
Tel: +44(0)20 7069 4400
Email: [email protected]

Promotional Material

Each exhibitor will automatically receive 100 visitor admission tickets to send out to all your clients inviting them to the show. Your allocation of printed tickets will be posted direct to the contracted exhibiting company 8-10 weeks prior to the show.

If you would like a PDF version of the visitor ticket to email out to your clients or any further information please contact:

Osman Fattani
[email protected]

Hazel Needham
[email protected]


Exhibitors are permitted to rig at Elevate – however it is subject to final approval from the Organisers.

All plans must be submitted to Maelstrom Events Solutions – [email protected]

All Rigging at ExCeL must be ordered through ExCeL Rigging Department – they are the only rigging company permitted to attach to the fabric of the building.

Please also note:

  • Depending upon their construction, rigged items may be subject to a structural sign off which will be at the exhibitor’s expense
  • Minimum height of the banner is 6m from the bottom of the banner to the hall floor
  • Rigged items must remain within the boundaries of the exhibiting stand
  • On stands with adjoining / shared walls, banners facing the adjoining stand must be hung a minimum of 1.0m inside the stand perimeter
  • All pockets for weighting down banners should be stitched and not glued
  • Rigged items must conform to standard fire regulations


Hazardous Items (Fumes, Exhaust & Smoke) – any exhibit or process which generates noxious or toxic fumes, exhaust is prohibited.

Machinery & Apparatus – all machinery and other apparatus intended to be operated shall be fitted with guards or other means of protection subject to the approval and the satisfaction of the Centre.

The machinery or apparatus shall inly be demonstrated or operated by persons authorized by the exhibitor and shall not be left running in the absence of such persons. The Centre shall be advised of such authorisation.

Painting – major painting of displays and exhibition materials is not permitted in the Centre. However, “touch-up” painting of displays and exhibition materials is permitted in the Exhibition Halls provided such work is undertaken during the move-in period only and all safety precautions and protective surface coverings are put in place. These precautions include:

  • Painting in an area which is properly ventilated
  • Use of non-toxic paints
  • Covering the floor with plastic overlay or drop sheets
  • No painting near the Centre’s vertical structures (i.e walls, columns)
  • No washing of paint material within or surrounding the Centre
  • The use of spray paint is strictly prohibited within the Centre


Throughout the tenancy (24 hour basis) a security service will operate within the exhibition halls. However, the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s property. As well as taking out adequate insurance, exhibitors should instruct their personnel not to leave their stands with exhibits unattended at any time when the halls are open, whether during the installation, open or dismantling periods.

Briefcases, laptops and mobile telephones are particularly vulnerable – safeguard them at all times.

General security arrangements for the exhibition will be in conjunction with the venue regulations. It is recommended that a member of staff man the stand at least half an hour before the exhibition opens and until all visitors have left the hall. Under no circumstances should a stand be unmanned during the open periods of the exhibition.

Whilst the organises and the venue will make all reasonable arrangement for security coverage, they are not responsible for any loss or damage, which may occur, and it will the exhibitors responsibility for the security of their stand, exhibits, staff and contents including personal property. Appropriate insurance coverage should be arranged. This can be done via your company insurance broker.

Shell Scheme Stand Information

The following will be supplied as part of your shell scheme package:

  • Fascia nameboard with your company name and stand number (on each open side of your stand)
  • Shell scheme wall panels
  • 1 x fluorescent tube light
  • Carpet

Please note that furniture is NOT included in the shell scheme package.


Exhibitors planning any form of sampling of food/liquid products on their stand at the exhibition must advise Maelstrom. Venue regulations state that all food and drink to be consumed on or given away from a stand (other than exhibitors own products) must be purchased from venue catering department.

Exhibitors may give away tasting samples of their products subject to the following conditions:
• Tea, coffee or soft drinks may not exceed 1.75 fluid ounces (50ml).
• Beers/Ciders or similar may not exceed 1.75 fluid ounces (50ml).
• Wine/Fortified wines/Champagne/Alcopops and similar may not exceed 0.9 fluid ounces (25ml).
• Spirits and similar may not exceed 0.18 fluid ounces (5ml).
• Unwrapped food – bite size portions.
• Individually wrapped items (for off-site consumption only).

If, in the opinion of the venue, an exhibitor contravenes these conditions and provides a significant level of hospitality catering or sampling from its stand, they reserve the right to charge the exhibitor a corkage or concession fee.

Space Only Regulations

Maximum build height is 4m – single storey stands only.

Fully detailed and scaled plans must be submitted for all Space Only stands. Photographs, unclear faxed drawings or drawings from other exhibitions will not be accepted. All plans and associated documentation must be submitted in English. No stand may be constructed on-site without official approval. Upon confirmation from Maelstrom Event Solutions, no alterations can be made to the drawings submitted.

Plans should include:
• All dimensions
• Building materials to be used
• A ground plan and elevation drawing
• The name, postal and email address and telephone number of the exhibitor, contractor or designer submitting the plans
• A copy of the Risk Assessment and method statement
• For complex structures, a full copy of the structural calculations

Please ensure that all plans are emailed to [email protected] by Tuesday 3rd Maay 2022.

*Equipment displays or demo’s may also be required to provide a full risk assessment. 

Visa – Invitation Letter

If you require a letter invitation to gain your visa, please complete and return the invitation letter form as soon as possible. Please click here for the link.

Quartz Business Media cannot be held responsible for any rejected visa requests. It’s the applicant’s responsibility to apply in time with the correct paperwork.

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Regulations for Stand Building

Stand Fitting Regulations

  1. All advertising and logos must be within the specified height limits and must not be sited on back of dividing walls, especially where they overhang an adjoining stand.
  2. All stand structures, signs, exhibits etc. must be contained within the area allotted and may not project into or over the gangway.
  3. If you have a shell scheme stand, all exhibits and stand fitting material must be contained within your shell scheme stand.
  4. All painting on-site must be carried out with water-based paint. Finishes having oil or cellulose base are not permitted to be applied on-site.
  5. Artificial flowers are highly flammable and give off toxic fumes. These must not be used for stand dressing.
  6. All stand structures must be completely self-supporting. Suspension may not be made from the roof of the exhibition halls, nor may any fixing be made to the structure of the building. Nothing may be drilled, attached or bolted to the hall floor.
  7. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to examine the site allotted pre-show in order to avoid costly adjustments to stand structures from any building obstruction or pillars, for which the organisers cannot accept any responsibility.
  8. All solid timber under 25mm thick must be impregnated (pressure process) to CLASS 1 flame-resistant standard. Boards, plywood, chipboard etc. must be treated in the same way if they are under 18mm thick. Solid timber over 25mm thick need not be treated. All such treated timber must have BS476 CLASS 1 marked on them.
  9. Plastics used for construction and display purposes (including exhibits) must conform to BS478 Class 1 Fire Regulations. Lexan and Macralon are acceptable. Perspex must not be used. Polycarbonate is widely used for clear sheeting.
  10. Textile fabrics used for interior display purposes on the stand must be flameproof or purchased already treated by use of the approved chemicals in accordance with BS5438 and BS5852. Textile fabrics used for interior decorative purposes must be fixed taut and / or in tight pleats (not draped) to a solid backing and secured at least 50mm above floor level to avoid a trip hazard, not touching light fittings or other heat sources.
  11. On Space Only stands, the name and stand number of the company exhibiting must be displayed prominently on each side of the stand.
  12. All work must be carried out using non-flammable material.
  13. The Organisers may, at the expense of the exhibitor, remove or alter anything in, on, or forming part of any stand if, in their opinion, it is desirable to do so in the interests of the exhibition.
  14. The design of the stand must be such that it can be erected and dismantled within the time available.
  15. All doors must have a clear window (min size 250mm x 250mm). If being used by visitors, the door must be min 800mm wide and give a zone of visibility between 900mm and 1500mm above floor level.
  16. All glazing used in the construction of stands must be safety glass. It must comply with the current UK Building Regulations and relevant British Standards, including BS6206 and BS6262. Any uninterrupted, large areas of clear glazing shall be indicated so as to be readily apparent (for example by warning stripes, dots or logos). Overhead glazing shall be of wired or laminated glass, or be otherwise adequately protected from shattering.
  17. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their stand contractor employs safe working practices and are aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act.
  18. Lone working, especially after-hours, is not permitted on-site. All persons must have a colleague to assist them where suitable.

Stand Fitting Regulations – Space Only Sites

Please also refer to:

  • Complex structures
  • Contractors
  • Electrical installations
  • Equality Act
  • Height restrictions
  • Health and safety
  • Stand fitting regulations above that apply to all stands within the exhibition

If you have a space only site at the show, you have a legal obligation to build your stand to the required standards as outlined by the Venue, Organiser and Local Authority regulations, some of which are outlined below.

  1. Space Only sites are not provided with any walling. On divided sites, exhibitors are responsible for erecting their own walls. Exhibitors may not use the back of other stand walls without the consent of that Exhibitor concerned. Such walls must be a minimum height of 2.5m and the walls must be dressed above 2.4m to a maximum height of 4m.
  2. Solid runs of stand walls along gangway edges are forbidden. All stands, irrespective of height, must have at least 50% of each frontage either open or fitted with (approved) transparent material with no more than a 4m continuous run of solid walling. Please take neighbouring exhibitors into account when designing your stand.
  3. Platforms – the provision of a platform may be regarded as necessary in order to cover some electrical installations and is the responsibility of the exhibitor. The general height of the platform should be no more than 100mm.

    Open corners of stand floors and platform shall be splayed, rounded or angled, if not protected by heavy exhibits, to avoid sharp corners and tripping hazards. Platform edges must be fully highlighted and the use of the platform must be included in the Risk Assessments.

    Due consideration must be given to the needs of disabled visitors. If a platform exceeds 38mm, it is recommended you incorporate a wheelchair access ramp. If a ramp is included the gradient must be no greater than 1:12, the ramp must be a minimum of 1m wide and be in a contrasting colour to the rest of the stand floor. It is also recommended that handrails be applied to either side of the ramp to assist the less mobile and prevent slips/trips.

    If a ramp is not practical or safe, then exhibitors must ensure that compliance measures to the Equality Act are included in the open period Risk Assessment e.g products clearly displayed on the perimeter of stands, a portable ramp is available for use if required, stand staff are trained to understand the needs of the disabled and allow more time to deal with them, hearing loops available, seating with arms is provided, large format print etc.

    Details of ‘super platforms’ (at a height of 600mm or more) to which persons have access must be submitted to the Organiser for approval of the Authorities. Please note that this is classified as a complex structure, therefore notification must be sent to Matthew Lambert at Maelstrom Event Solutions no later than 24th August 2018 including full structural calculations.

    The flooring must not be less than a nominal 25mm thick. Platforms must be of a strength and stability to carry and distribute the weight of stand fittings, exhibits, stand personnel and visitors having regard to the live loading limits of the floors.
  4. Branding is not permitted on the back of walls overlooking neighbouring exhibitors. Should there be a query regarding this onsite, the Organisers’ decision is final.
  5. All speakers are to be positioned within the boundaries of the stand and angled so that they face inwards towards the centre point of the stand. Noise output will be monitored on-site and the Organisers reserve the right to terminate any display causing a nuisance.
  6. Barriers are required to protect exposed edges of stairs, landings, balconies and other changes of level exceeding 380mm.

Fire Safety

Exhibitors must adhere to the Local Authority and Fire Brigade Regulations.

Any goods on your stand must be Class 1 (B.S. 476) fire retardant and will be subject to the following regulations

See also Stand Fitting Regulations.

Timber used in stand construction and displays

All timber under 1″ thick must be impregnated (pressure process) to Class 1 standard. Boards, plywood, chipboard, etc., must be treated in the same way if they are under 3/4″ thick – timber over 1″ thick need not be treated. Treated boards will have BS476 Class 1 marked on them.


Plastics used for construction and display purposes (including exhibits) must conform to BS476, Part 7/Class 1 Fire Regulations. Perspex must not be used; other polycarbonates or plastics that comply with BS476, Part 7/Class 1 can be used instead (Lexan and Macrolon are examples of acceptable alternatives).

Fabrics used in display

Textile fabrics used for interior display purposes on the stand must be flame proofed or purchased already treated by use of the approved chemicals, in accordance with BS5438.

Certain fabrics need not be proofed i.e. wool, twill and felt.

Textile fabrics used for interior decorative purposes within stands must be fixed taut and or/ in tight pleats (not draped) to a solid backing and secured 3″ above floor level, not touching light fittings.

Stand dressing

Artificial plants and flowers are combustible and give off toxic fumes and must not be used for stand dressing. Silk type flowers are acceptable provided they have been fireproofed to BS476 (part 7) and are thus marked.


The gangways used in this venue are the minimum permissible in law. Under no circumstances will exhibits, stand dressings, tables etc., be allowed to encroach into gangways. Offending items are liable, without warning, to be removed.


No excess stock, literature or packing cases may be stored on or around your stand.

Naked Flames

Naked flames or flammable liquids are only permitted if they are part of the product being exhibited and only at the discretion of the Venue’s Fire Officer. A full Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out by a competent person on behalf of the Exhibitor, and all safety control measures so required must be in place at the show and the Venue Fire Officer notified. The Organisers must be notified at least 14 days prior to the tenancy, and permission gained in writing.

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Health & Safety

As an exhibitor, you must ensure the health, safety and welfare of your employees, contractors and visitors as far as is reasonably practicable throughout the exhibition. You should ensure that your actions (or in-actions) do not give rise to accidents, injuries or unsafe working environments, provide proper information, instruction and training and supervise all parties throughout the show. You should also check that any contractors, suppliers, agents, etc that you may be using have a Health & Safety Policy, suitable to the exhibition environment.

Your attention is drawn to the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the regulations made under this act and are reminded that the duties imposed by these laws are not reduced, regardless of whether an employer is in their own office or participating at an exhibition. Failure to do so represents a breach of the law, and could result in the prosecution of an exhibitor/contractor by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

The principal areas, which need to be brought to your attention and any contractors, include the following.

  1. It is a legal requirement that you carry out a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment outlining the control measures you will implement to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level any major hazards or risks posed by your work activities.
  2. Ensure all persons understand the Fire and Emergency Procedures and the location of the First Aid Centre. All your staff and contractors must be notified of these procedures, and it is recommended that at least one member of your team has undertaken a basic first aid course.
  3. It is imperative that emergency exits and specific gangways are kept clear at all times.
  4. Working at height must be done in a safe manner, using suitable equipment in the approved way i.e. steps, scaffold towers, powered access equipment etc. Any unsafe work will be stopped by the organisers, the venue or their health and safety representatives until a safe method of work has been established. Contractors and or exhibitors working at height must wear hard hats and ensure that the area is cordoned off so as to avoid injuring other parties.
  5. Operatives must wear suitable protective clothing relevant to their job, which may include fall arrestors as well as head, eye, hearing, foot and hand protection.
  6. All powered access equipment, i.e. forklift trucks, cranes etc. are only to be operated by the appointed contractors who are fully trained, competent and licensed. All such equipment has been recently inspected in accordance with the Lifting Equipment & Lifting Operations Regulations 1998. Where restraining devices are fitted they must be worn.
  7. Only acceptable substances are allowed on-site and full compliance with the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulation is required. Safety Data Sheets must be available for all such substances and brought to the attention of the Organisers.
  8. All portable, mains powered electrical equipment must carry a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate and the device must not have been modified in any way. Ensure portable power equipment is only used for the purpose for which it is designed, with safety guards and other safety devices fitted and used. Power leads must be kept to a minimum and only cross gangways if properly taped down. Power requirements must not overload the systems order. Such equipment must never be left unattended with power supplied to it. Please do not create a trip hazard at any time.
  9. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all their staff and contractors are fully trained to ensure safe working practices at all times. Good housekeeping and tidiness in all work areas minimises hazards and aids security.
  10. Please ensure all persons employed by yourself or your company or affected by your work actions are aware of these Health & Safety responsibilities. Exhibitors must obtain their contractors Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment detailing specific safety procedures, hazards and their associated control measures, competence and training of staff, and a named individual safety officer responsible for their work activities throughout the shows’ tenancy.
  11. It is the exhibitor’s/contractor’s responsibility to ensure that they and their staff are not working excessively long hours. Staff should be permitted suitable rest periods and if late working is undertaken, staff should be rotated in line with a work schedule.

CDM Regulations

In addition to responsibilities detailed above, in April 2015 the HSE introduced the CDM (Construction, Design & Management) Regulations to the exhibition industry. These regulations are now in place to provide a framework to help you ensure that your participation at this event is carried out safely. The regulations apply during times when build or dismantling is taking place and differ for shell scheme stands and space only stands, so please read the section below relevant to you.

Key Requirements for ALL Exhibitors

All exhibitors must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Health and Safety Declaration – All exhibitors MUST complete and submit this by the deadline given to indicate their commitment to Health & Safety at the exhibition.
  2. Risk Assessment – All exhibitors must complete a Risk Assessment (RA) for the exhibition, which covers the activities taking place on the stand during the open period of the event. This does not need to be sent to us, although you must be able to produce it on-site if called upon to do so.
  3. Site Rules and Site Induction – Share the Site Rules, Site Induction and Health & Safety documentation with your staff and appointed contractors

Additional requirements for Space Only Exhibitors

If you have booked a Space Only Site, whoever is building the stand will need to submit a detailed risk assessment to cover the build and breakdown, together with a Method Statement and Construction Phase Plan when submitting the stand drawings for approval.

The CDM Regulations process has introduced new terminology for describing how stands are designed and built which is shown below. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the roles required under CDM are fulfilled. You do not necessarily need to appoint three people (one for each role), the three roles can fall under one person’s remit, as long as the below listed duties are carried out.

Exhibitor = Individual Client

You are primarily responsible for appointing a competent contractor to build your stand and making sure they have all they need to create a structurally sound and safe stand.

Duties also involve:

  1. Ensuring the below roles are fulfilled. The majority of the responsibilities can be delegated to your stand designer / builder if you use one.
  2. Making sure that all construction work is carried out safely; this can also be delegated to your stand designer / builder if you use one.
  3. Ensure a Construction Phase Plan is drawn up; your stand designer / builder can also do this for you.

Principal Designer – this is the person in charge of the design of your stand.

They need to ensure that:

  1. All planning, design and pre-construction is carried out in accordance to the regulations in the online manual
  2. Produce a Risk Assessment & Method Statement (click for a template)
  3. Draw up a Construction Phase Plan and have a Health & Safety file prepared
  4. Share Site Rules, Site Induction and Health & Safety documentation with your appointed contractors

Principal Contractor – this is the person who is in control of the build and breakdown of your stand.

They need to ensure that:

  1. Work is carried out with no risks to health & safety
  2. Site Rules, Site Induction and Health & Safety documentation is distributed to all onsite
  3. Access to the stand site is restricted depending on the work being carried out at the time (e.g. only people in PPE permitted where necessary)
  4. The Build & Breakdown Passes link has been completed and Passes have been printed off before coming to site. The link will be sent with stand plan approval from International Select Events.

Sub Contractor – this is the person working on the stand under or alongside the Principal Contractor.

The have to ensure that:

  1. The construction work on the stand is planned, managed, monitored and safe
  2. Provide information and training to the construction team
  3. Liaise onsite with the organiser operations team

There are instances when you as the exhibitor could be all of the above roles if you book, plan, design, organise, build and breakdown your own stand for the exhibition. If this is your situation, you will need to submit a Construction Phase Plan along with the Method Statement, Risk Assessment, technical plans and insurance documents that you would already provide for build approval. You also need to consider the working hours of the construction team, plus any equipment they may need (suitable methods of building the stand, correct footwear, clothing and hi-viz if necessary).

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Site Rules & Induction

A requirement of CDM is that in order to gain access to the site during build up and breakdown periods, all persons must have completed a site induction prior to their arrival.

Whilst working at Elevate 2022, it is important that you are aware of the safety rules, procedures and arrangements that are in place for your safety and that of your colleagues.


All of your employees and contractors are required to read these Site Rules prior to working at The Publishing Show 2021 and the following apply to all staff, organisers, contractors and exhibitors:

  • Comply with Venue Traffic Rules and follow the instruction of venue traffic marshals at all times
  • Vehicle access into the halls has to be approved by the Venue/Organisers of the event
  • Any vehicle or plant driven within the hall must adhere to the 5MPH speed limit and operate with hazards/turned on lights
  • Drivers must give way to pedestrians within the event hall/s and pedestrians must give way to vehicles within the loading bay/s
  • No persons are permitted to operate plant or machinery (including fork lift trucks) unless they have received adequate training
  • Appropriate management and safe methods of working at height is required at all times – in any areas were working at height is being carried out, the immediate area must be controlled
  • Ladder work must only be conducted for short work periods – you must NOT stand on the top tier of your ladders -any unsafe ladder work may result in the employee being ejected from the venue
  • No substances are to be used in the hall which have not been pre agreed by the venue and event organiser
  • Any person suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected from the venue
  • Hi Vis Jackets and appropriate footwear should be worn whilst working in the venue – flip-flops, open-toed sandals, etc. are NOT acceptable
  • No hot works can take place in the venue without a Hot Works Permit being issued
  • All contractor accidents, incidents & near misses must be reported immediately to the organiser
  • Work Tidy – during builds and breakdowns, you must ensure aisles are kept clear at all times and that all waste is to be disposed of in an appropriate manner




  • If you have any security concerns, please contact a venue employee or the organiser’s office. Inform them of the nature and location of the problem.
  • Do not leave any personal belongings or valuables unattended on your stand, the venue and organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses.


  • Should you need medical assistance contact a venue employee or the organiser’s office. Inform them of the location and nature of the medical emergency. They will radio for assistance.
  • If possible, give the following information:
    • Who you are
    • Who the injured person is
    • Exact Location
    • Nature of medical emergency
    • Is the patient male or female
    • Approximate age
    • Are they breathing, conscious or unconscious
    • Nature of illness – do they have chest pains/are they bleeding, etc.

DO NOT PHONE FOR AN AMULANCE – a venue first aider will do this if required. The Medical First Aid room is located on level 0.

All accidents, incidents or near misses must be reported to the Organiser/Venue Event Manager.


On discovering a fire:

  • Break the glass of the nearest manual call point (coloured red) then contact the Security Suite by dialling 4444 on an internal telephone or 020 7069 4444 immediately.
  • Do not tackle the fire unless you have been trained, it is a very minor fire and it is safe to do so. Always ensure there is a safe exit route before attempting to extinguish any fire.
  • When it is safe to do so, identify yourself to a member of the ExCeL staff to assist with any follow up.

In the event of a fire report:

  • You will hear the following instructions broadcast over the public address system: “ATTENTION PLEASE, ATTENTION PLEASE, MR GOODFELLOW REPORT TO THE SECURITY SUITE”
  • Take no immediate action, stand-by and wait for further instructions, and prepare to evacuate. Remember do not put yourself at risk.



Immediately leave the building via the nearest exit, do not use lifts or stop to collect personal belongings. Go to the nearest assembly point and do not leave this area or re-enter the building until told to do so. Please see the site map to locate your nearest assembly point.



The organiser’s office is located at the front of the hall. If you need to contact a member or the organisers team on-site, please call +44 (0)1746 764100.


Both female and male toilets along with hand wash basins are available throughout the venue.


Food outlets are available onsite during build up, open days and breakdown. Drinking water is available to purchase in any of the food outlets.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.


Anyone found to be drinking alcohol or taking drugs will be asked to leave the venue.


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Order Forms

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DAV Equipment HireEarly Bird 30th May 2022Aztec
EShell Scheme NameboardImmediateHuman Built
FFurniture ImmediateXpect
GFloor CoveringCheck with VendorHuman Built
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