Festival of Accounting And Bookkeeping 2024

13th – 14th March, 2024

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Welcome to Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping 2024!

We are delighted that you have chosen to exhibit at Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping and look forward to welcoming you to the event.

To ensure your exhibiting experience is as smooth as possible we have created this exhibitor manual. It explains the practical aspects of exhibiting on 13th March – 14th March 2024 and lists all the services and facilities available at the exhibition.

Please remember that it is important that any designers or contractors involved in your participation see the forms and information that relate to their responsibilities.

Finally, this handbook is not designed to replace our personal service. If you have any questions, require special assistance or extra explanation regarding any aspect of the show then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Operations Team
Tel: +44 (0) 1743 606744
Email: [email protected]

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The Exhibition Team

Event Operations

Exhibitor Enquiries/ Space Only Stands/ Health & Safety:

Sam Boden
Maelstrom Event Solutions
Tel: +44 (0) 1743 606744
Fax: +44 (0) 1743 606749
E-mail: [email protected]

Event Organiser

AccountingWEB/ Sift Media

Charlotte Place,
Queen Charlotte Street,

Sales Director
Duncan Ledger
[email protected]
+44 (0)787 563 3803

Head Of Events
Mike Goldsmith
+44 (0)781 804 5348
[email protected]

Marketing Manager
Clare Palmer

[email protected]

Event Manager
Sarah Rafferty

[email protected]

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Exhibition Timetable

Please note that all timings for the event are subject to change and will be confirmed shortly. Please contact the team if you have any queries on timings.

Monday 11th March0800 – 1800Show contractors only
Tuesday 12th March0900 – 1900All Exhibitors
Open PeriodTimeShow Open Hours
Wednesday 13th March1000 – 1700Show open to visitors
Thursday 14th March1000 – 1600Show open to visitors

There will be exhibitor access to the hall from 0800 on Wednesday 13th March and 0900 on Thursday 14th March.

Power will terminate each night 30 minutes after the show closes unless a 24hr supply has been specifically requested from the official electrical contractor.

Thursday 15th March1630 – 2130Removal of exhibits and display materials
from Shell Scheme and Space Only Stands

Please note that breakdown will not commence until the hall is free of visitors.

All stand fitting materials, structures flooring and carpets to be removed by 21:30 Thursday 15th March

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Quick Reference Guide To Contractors

During the Build-Up of the Show, Exhibit 3 Sixty will have a service desk on the Show Floor to deal with Exhibitor Enquiries regarding Carpets, Electricity, Furniture and Nameboards.

Audio VisualAztecTel:
+44 (0) 207 803 4000
[email protected]
Carpet/Floor CoveringExhibit3SixtyTel:
+44 (0) 845 527 8140
[email protected]
0121 767 3253
[email protected] 
Compressed AirNECTel:
0121 767 3253
[email protected] 
Data ScannersLivebuzzTel:
02476 710501
[email protected]
+44 (0) 845 527 8140
[email protected]
Exhibitor BadgesLivebuzzTel:
02476 710501
[email protected]
FloralPenny Johnson FlowersTel:
  +44 (0) 1675 463 167
Freight Forwarding & LiftingGESTel:
0121 782 4433
[email protected]
+44 (0) 845 527 8140
[email protected]
GraphicsMaelstrom Event SolutionsTel:
+44 (0) 1743 606 744
[email protected]
Internet & IT ServicesNECTel:
 0121 767 3253
[email protected]   
Shell SchemeExhibit3SixtyTel:
+44 (0) 845 527 8140
[email protected]
Stand Plan InspectionsMaelstrom Event SolutionsTel:
+44 (0) 1743 606 744
[email protected]
Water & WasteNECTel:
0121 767 3253
[email protected] 

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The A-Z of Services & Regulations


Access to the National Exhibition Centre is restricted to the hours shown in the Exhibition Timetable.

During the build-up and break-down periods although vehicles will be admitted to the site, they will be held in the traffic marshalling area and will not be allowed access until the hall opens.

All exhibitors and contractors bringing vehicles to the venue for build-up, who want to unload or load a vehicle on site, must book a time slot on the online booking system – https://www.voyagecontrol.com/necbirmingham

Please note the online booking system applies for anyone arriving on site – including any deliveries you may have booked from an external courier. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility so ensure they are aware of the system and have booked their delivery vehicle in.

Please ensure that your contractors are aware of these arrangements. Permission for earlier access, in exceptional circumstances only, may be granted at the discretion of the organisers and the NEC and any charges levied will be passed on to the exhibitor. Please contact the organisers in the first instance.

In particular, please note that should you or your contractor require late working, we must be contacted before 14.00 hrs on the relevant day. During the exhibition open period the hall will be open from 08.00 hrs and until one hour after the exhibition closes.


We’ve officially partnered with EventBeds™ by NuBreed Hotels to give this year’s Exhibitors and Attendees access to exclusively discounted hotels at selected properties near to the event.  

Save up to 30% and fully flexible rates are available. Due to increasing demand we’d recommend booking soonest through the EventBeds™ booking widget below or you can contact their Concierge Team directly at with your requirements. Their office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm.

Booking Link Here:


Audio Visual

All stand packages (except for Pods) include some provision for AV

If you would like to order additional AV Aztec has been appointed the official Audio Visual contractor for the exhibition.

This can be done through the Order form that can be found in the Order Forms sections of this manual.

Aztec Event Services Ltd Tel: +44 (0)20 7803 400

Email: [email protected]


Balloons & Inflatables

All types of balloons are prohibited within the exhibition halls as some can cause damage to the air- handling system; exhibitors will be charged for all costs arising from contravention of this regulation.


Please refer to Exhibition Timetable.

Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping is open from 10.00-17.00 on Wednesday 13th March and 10.00-16.00 on Thursday 14th March. Removal of exhibits and displays commences after the exhibition has closed and all visitors have left the exhibition hall. Under no circumstances may any goods be removed or packed away from your stand before this time. Trolleys must not be used until the hall is clear of visitors, and please note that contractors will not be permitted into the halls until the visitors have left. In the interests of safety, exhibitors are asked to not continue with hospitality on their stands after the show closes. Electrical power to stands will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes.

Please note:

Traffic around the halls will be particularly busy during the first few hours of the breakdown.

All valuable items must be removed by 21.30 including stand-fitting materials. Items left on the gangways will be deemed as rubbish and thrown away.

We strongly advise you not to leave any items unattended on your stand during this time. The Organisers and the National Exhibition Centre cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage. We strongly advise that you have adequate insurance.

Please note that if you are leaving items on your stand to be collected by couriers, you must notify the organiser’s office and supply a contact telephone number for both the courier company and a representative of your organisation. These items need to be removed by 21.30 on Thursday 14th March.

Build Up

The timetable for build-up is given under Exhibition Timetable. It is important that you contact us if you foresee any problems keeping to this schedule.

All stands must be finished by 19.00 on Tuesday 12th March to allow time for the National Exhibition Centre staff to clear the aisles of rubbish.

Business Centre             

For all your business needs including photocopying, fax, and essential stationery supplies visit the Business Centre in the Boulevard.

Car Parking

Exhibitors with an Exhibitor parking pass will be allowed to park free of charge for the duration of the event – passes will be distributed from the Organiser’s Office during the event – this is limited to 2 passes per stand. Exhibitors without an Exhibitor parking pass will be liable to pay the daily £16 parking charge. Exhibitors can also pre-pay up until midnight the day before, which will reduce the cost slightly. Please use this link to pre-book http://www.thenec.co.uk/visitors/parking/

The venue does not officially offer overnight parking. However, if you choose to park overnight, you should be aware that this is done so at your own risk and that some of the car parks are often locked overnight.


All stands will be carpeted with Anthracite Grey carpet as a standard colour.

All Stand Packages include carpeting to the stand area. Depending on your package, you will be able to chose the carpet colour from a stock list of colours.

Please note this must be chosen by Friday 2nd March 2024.

If you could please email [email protected] to the ATTN of Sam Boden, with the colour change if required.


Amadeus are the exclusive caterers for the NEC. Their services must be used to supply all food and beverage (including alcohol) required on exhibition stands.

Amadeus provide exhibitor catering via the following means:

Served To You – full hospitality service

Enquiries can be made via your dedicated Catering Account Manager who will work with you to create an offer exclusive to your needs.

Oliver Birch 
E: [email protected] T: +44 (0) 121 767 2265

Food To You – a convenient drop off service for delivery only

Exhibitors wishing to use the Food To You drop off service should place their order by completing the relevant Order Form. If you wish to speak to someone in person, please call 0844 338 8338 (UK based exhibitors) or +44 (0) 121 767 2770 (overseas exhibitors).

Intent to supply

In specific circumstances Amadeus may allow exhibitors to sample or retail foods for immediate and/or offsite consumption.

This is only permitted if the product is relevant to the show profile and prior application is required in every instance.

Applications will be reviewed and assessed in line with food safety regulations and applicable charges levied. Either/both of the following forms must be completed and returned to the relevant show Catering Account Manager at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

1) Application to supply food & beverages
2) Application to supply alcohol (applications will only be considered from personal licence holders)

Amadeus NEC reserves the right to terminate unauthorised activity on the grounds of food safety or licensing regulations at any point during the show tenancy.


Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the halls during the Build-up, Breakdown and the Open Days. This rule also applies to exhibitors’ children and we have a responsibility to rigidly enforce it to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.


The venue’s official cleaning contractors automatically carry out the cleaning of your stand. If you have a night sheet, please supply the Organiser’s Office with a key to enable the cleaners to access your stand.

All sacks of waste should be left in the gangways after the close of event each day and any items left in the aisles overnight will be deemed as rubbish and will be disposed of by the cleaners.

Please note also that the cleaning contractors are not responsible for disposing of large quantities of litter produced by exhibitors as a result of give-aways. If disposal of any specialist materials or chemicals is required, please notify the Operations Team prior to the event.


A cloakroom service is provided during exhibition open days. This 30 minutes before and closes 30 minutes after the official open hours of the exhibition. There is a cloakroom located in the entrance foyer.

Common Areas

All common areas must be kept unobstructed at all times. Contractors, exhibitors, their staff and agents must keep ALL common areas clear whilst building or dismantling stands, exhibits etc. All exhibits must be kept within the confines of the stand space and demonstrations must not cause undue congestion and/or obstruction of common areas.

Contractor Passes

Contractor passes are valid for build-up and breakdown only; they should be issued to anyone working on your stand during these periods. Contractor passes will be issued by security onsite at the venue and will also be available from the Organiser’s Office.

Data Capture Devices

All stand packages include unlimited use of our registration partner Livebuzz’s ‘Datascan’ app. You will find details on how to access and set this up on your devices within your ‘Exhibitor Hub’ – details of which will have been sent to you separately.

Delivery of goods

All exhibits and materials must be delivered carriage paid, direct to the stand. The goods should be clearly labelled as follows:

Attn: (Contact Name)
(Stand Number and Stand Name)
Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping 2024
Halls 18
B40 1NT

Exhibitors must ensure that a representative of their company is on-site to receive and sign for deliveries. Please note, deliveries must not be made to the Centre prior to the tenancy. The Organisers and the venue are unable to accept responsibility for any goods delivered to stands that are unmanned and regret that they are unable to sign for goods, exhibits or other material on behalf of an exhibitor or contractor due to limited storage facilities.

If an exhibitor is unable to be on-site to receive deliveries the official freight forwarding company will take receipt of the goods for a charge. Please see the Freight Forwarding & Storage form.


The Exhibitor will be responsible for any damage caused to the fabric of the building or other property belonging to the venue, and will be charged for the replacement and/or repair.

Distribution of literature

Distributing material, such as printed leaflets, cards, circulars or articles, is prohibited unless from your own stand. This includes the gangways and around any catering or seating areas surrounding your stand.

Electrical Services & electrical regulations

All stand packages include power (1x 500W socket per 9sqm). If you would like to order more power please see below information.

The deadline for early bird orders is 1st March 2024. Orders may be placed after this date but may incur additional charges.

Exhibit 3 Sixty are the official Electrical Contractor for Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping 2024. They have a comprehensive range of electrical services for hire and installation and offer an extensive range of light fittings and flexible power supplies.

The installation or alteration of any electrical fitting by any person other than a member of the contractor’s staff is strictly prohibited. In accordance with current health and safety legislation all electrical equipment and fittings should comply with applicable test regulations. Any items failing such a test will NOT be connected to the Hall’s supply.

Exhibitors/Contractors who bring portable electrical appliances on-site should ensure that they have been regularly PAT tested (Portable Appliance Tested) and bear a recent PAT test pass certificate.

Exhibit 3 Sixty
Tel: +44(0) 845 527 8140
Email: [email protected]

Electrical supply timetable

Electricity will be energised to stands as quickly as possible during the build-up period, subject to satisfactory inspection and testing of installations. Occasionally delays may occur due to the fact that adjoining stands are not complete and ready for inspection. During the full open days, power to stands will be from 8.00 each day until 30 minutes after the show closes. Any exhibitor needing electricity for the running down of machinery or working equipment etc. after the exhibition closes on the final day must inform the Organising Office of their requirements.

If you require power after the published build-up hours, you must notify the organiser’s office who can arrange this with the venue who will notify you of the charges.

Please remember to specify 24-hour electricity supply if this is required for refrigerators and/or computer equipment.

Equality Act 2010

Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that the design and construction of their stands provides for increased access for disabled people. This is not only about physical access to the stands for wheelchair users but also includes access to products and written information for people with visual impairments and access to the same standard of service for all other disabilities. However, it is important to take account of health and safety legislation which has primacy over the disability regulations.

The Law

The Equality Act aims to ensure that disabled people are not treated less favourable by requiring that reasonable adjustments be made to enable disabled people to access the services on offer or that reasonable alternative means are provided; in the case of wheelchair access to a stand this could be achieved by the provision of a ramp but could equally be achieved by ensuring that assistance by suitably trained staff is available at all times.

Getting onto the stand

Exhibitors choosing to incorporate a ramp for wheelchair access must ensure that this complies fully with the requirements set out in this Manual.

Moving around the stand & accessing information

Information and products must be displayed in a position and at a height that can be reached by everyone and to ensure that people can move about the stand with ease; circulation areas between stand displays should be at least 1m wide; goods and products should be placed at a height between 650mm and 1060mm and information displayed at a height between 900mm and 1200mm; where any of these provisions are not possible staff on the stand must be proactive in assisting people to reach the information that they require.

Writing surfaces

The typical height of a counter top is between 1000 and 1200mm which provides very poor access to the writing surface for a range of disabled people; where possible provide a low level counter section at a height of 760mm with a clear 400mm horizontal depth below and a gently raised edge or provide a lightweight clipboard or lap tray for visitors to write on; sufficient lighting should be provided at the counter and this should not be positioned behind stand staff to avoid silhouetting their faces.


Different sizes, shapes and types of seating should be available since a seat that is too low or too high or has inappropriate armrests or side supports can have an impact on customer comfort; a variety of seating will accommodate those with differing mobility requirements. Seating arrangements must not obstruct access for wheelchair users or create trip hazards for people with visual impairments.

Flooring surfaces

No single floor finish is universally suitable for all disabled people but care should be taken in the choice of materials; flooring should be slip resistant even when wet, should not be highly glazed and should not create trip hazards at junctions of different materials; carpets should provide a firm surface to facilitate wheelchair passage and excessive use of underlay should be avoided.

Information and signage

The way that information is presented can impact significantly on the ease with which this can be accessed; signs must not create obstructions and glare from lighting should be avoided; avoid the use of high gloss finishes and internally illuminated signs; provide clear colour contrast between text and background and use upper and lower case text in preference to large blocks of upper case.

Colour Contrast

Colour contrast via usage of different colour tones will assist the visually impaired in accessing, moving and identifying exhibits. Reduction and prevention of reflective glare will ease stand accessibility.


Exhibitor Badges are able to be ordered through Livebuzz Exhibitor Hub.

Each exhibitor will have been sent their own unique log in details to enable them to order their requirements.

Tel: 02476 710501
Email: [email protected]

Fire Safety

Exhibitors must adhere to the Local Authority and Fire Brigade Regulations and any goods on your stand must be Class 1 (B.S. 476) fire retardant.

See also Stand Fitting regulations

First Aid

Please contact the organiser’s office located at the front of the hall. Alternatively, please approach any member of the security team.

Floor Loadings & Base Plates

Any unusual floor loadings should be checked with the Operations Team. Any stand containing steelworks or frameworks structures is required to have adequate base plates to ensure they do not damage duct covers.

Freight, forwarding & storage

All lifting for the event will be free of charge. However, we do still require you to fill out the Freight Forwarding & Storage & Lifting form in the order form section and returning it to GES so they are aware of what they need to lift and are aware that you will be requiring their service.

Tel: +44(0) 121 782 4433
Email: [email protected]


All stand packages include furniture as per your agreement.
If you would like to order additional furniture this can be done via the below information. 
Please note it is not possible to ‘swap’ your package furniture for different furniture. And changes will be chargeable to the exhibitor.

Exhibit 3 Sixty have been appointed as the official furniture contractor for Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping 2024. Details of furniture available for hire together with a price list are available on their website by www.exhibit3sixty.co.uk/furniture-hire

Alternatively contact:

Exhibit 3 Sixty
Tel: +44(0) 845 527 8140
Email: [email protected]


During the build-up and breakdown periods, Emergency Gangways will be in operation and must remain completely clear at all times.

During the open period under no circumstances must any part of a stand, furniture, or exhibits project beyond the boundary of the stand, with the exception of the Organisers’ shell scheme fingerboard, which will project into the gangways.

Doors or windows must not open outwards onto gangways. All doors must have vision panels.

Exhibitors should not engage in any activity or employ any person or device that, in the opinion of the Organisers, tends to create unreasonable congestion in the gangways.

Health & Safety

Please view the Health & Safety section of this manual.

Hi-Vis Policy

During build-up and breakdown of your event, all personnel must wear hi-vis (high visibility). Personnel not wearing hi-vis will not be permitted to work in the event area.


All stand packages include a dedicated wireless Wi-Fi connection, for which access will be sent to you separately.
If you require an upgraded Wi-Fi connection, or a hardwired connection, this can be arranged via the below details.

If you require additional bandwidth or hard-wired connections, this can be arranged through the National Exhibition Centre Tel: 0121 767 3253 email [email protected] or by completing the Order Form.

If elements of your stand are internet critical we suggest you order a hard wire or a dedicated Wi- Fi login for this as these will be supported.


Licenses may be required for the following activities:

  • Entertainment
  • Music: PPL / PRS Video: VPL
  • Cinema (or public viewing of films)
  • Smoke Machines
  • Lasers
  • Special Treatments (i.e. therapy treatments etc.)

If you are in any doubt, please contact the operations team.


All Pod and Bronze exhibitors should complete the Nameboard Order Form to ensure that the correct name appears on their nameboard. A 30-character limit applies to all Fascia Nameboards.
All other packages need to include their company logo as per the graphics template for their package.

Organiser’s Office

The Organisers Office will be located at the front of the hall.

Public Address System

No public paging system will be available during the show open days.


Rigging is not permitted at the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping.


Security at the National Exhibition Centre is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure the safety of all people in the building. However, exhibitors should take care to ensure that their goods are safeguarded, particularly during build-up and breakdown times as these are extremely vulnerable times. We strongly advise all exhibitors to have a lockable counter unit (or area) on their stand for use during the show’s open hours, and then remove all valuables (especially small items or computers) from their stand overnight. The organisers or venue.


Please see the Freight Forwarding & Storage section of the manual.


Please ensure you bring your own trolley to the show, as there are no trolleys available on-site. No porters or trolleys are allowed into the hall during the open period of the show.

Unusual Exhibits / Activities

If you are doing anything out of the ordinary on your stand, it is important that you notify the organisers to make sure that all necessary permissions are sought from the venue, Local Authority or any other parties.

Water & Waste

Any exhibitor requiring Water & Waste Services on site should contact the National Exhibition Centre:

Tel: 0121 767 3252
Email: [email protected]

To order water & waste services prior to the event please complete the order form.

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Stand Packages & Graphics

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Pod Package Build2m Linear Back Wall
Carpet2sqm Carpet
Furniturex2 Stools & x1 Poseur Table
Electrical x1 500w Socket + 3no spotlight on track
Graphics2x 2.4 Flush Panels (see below specs for artwork)
Wi-FiDedicated Wi-Fi
ScannerData Scanning app
Bronze PackageBuildx2 3m Walls and Diagonal Fascia
CarpetCarpet – colour of choice
Furniturex2 Stools + x1 Counter
Electricalx1 500W Socket + 3no spotlight on track
Graphics6×2.4m Flush Panels (see below specs for artwork)
AVx1 43″ Screen Wall Mounted
Wi-FiDedicated Wi-Fi
ScannerData Scanning app
Silver Package Build6m Linear Wall
CarpetCarpet – colour of choice
Furniturex5 Stools + x1 Counter + x1 Poseur
Electricalx1 500W Socket + 6no Spotlight on Back Wall
Graphics6m T3 Stretch Fabric Panels
AVx1 49″ Screen Wall Mounted
Wi-Fi Dedicated Wi-Fi
ScannerData Scanning app
Silver Premium PackageBuild1.5mx1.5m Shell Box with Graphics
CarpetCarpet – colour of choice
Furniturex2 Stools + x1 Counter + x1 Poseur + x3 Stools
Electricalx2 500W Socket + x2 Spotlight on Inward Facing Walls
GraphicsStretch Fabric Panels
AV1 x 49″ Screen Wall Mounted
Wi-FiDedicated Wi-Fi
ScannerData Scanning app
Gold Package BuildBespoke Build
CarpetCarpet – colour of choice
Furniturex2 Double Sided Demo Station Plinths with Lockable Storage, x12 Stools
Electricalx3 500w Sockets and Lighting as Per Visual
GraphicsGraphics to Exterior Wall Surfaces as Per Visual
AVx1 43″ Wall Mounted Screen
Wi-FiDedicated Wi-Fi
ScannerData Scanning app
Platinum PackageBuildBespoke Build
CarpetCarpet – colour of choice
Furniturex2 Stools + x1 Counter + x1 Poseur + x3 Stools
Electricalx2 500W Socket + x2 3no Spotlight on Track
Graphicsx2 3m + x1 1m T3 Stretch Fabric Panels
AVx2 55″ Screen Wall Mounted
Wi-FiDedicated Wi-Fi
ScannerData Scanning app

Stand Graphics Specs

The deadline for the specs is Friday 9th February 2024 – Please can all artwork be sent to [email protected]

If your stand package includes a screen please add an “X” to your artwork to indicate the location of the screen. 
The screen is mounted in front of the graphics, so there is no requirement to leave a blank screen sized section in the artwork. Avoid placing text or critical information (URLs, for example), under or in the immediate vicinity of the screen’s location.


  • Backwall – 1998mm wide x 2400mm high


  • Backwall – 2850mm wide x 2404mm high X2
  • Counter – 880mm wide x 900mm high


  • Backwall – 5913mm wide x 2404mm high X1
  • Counter – 880mm wide x 900mm high

Silver Plus

  • 1523mm wide x 2483mm high X4 (remember one wall has a TV on it)
  • Counter – 880mm wide x 900mm high

All files send as high quality PDF at least 120dpi with 3mm bleed


Your stand name and number will be overlaid on to your artwork. To avoid any text or important content being obscured, please ensure you do not include any text or critical content in the zones as per the appropriate stand package below:

  • POD – N/A
  • GOLD/PLATINUM/LAUNCH PARTNER – incorporated into graphics specs

Health & Safety

Please ensure that you submit the Health and Safety Declaration form.
  • Important – please read and action
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statement
  • Method Statement Guidelines


Maelstrom Events take their responsibility as laid out in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act, etc. 1974 very seriously and it is vital that exhibitors and contractors do the same. The Health and Safety at Work Act embraces exhibition and conference venues as places of work and as an Exhibitor it is therefore essential that you are aware of your legal obligations under the Act.

Exhibitors and their Contractors should refer to www.hse.gov.uk for all relevant guidance on HASAWA74.

As a guide only, these responsibilities are to ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, the health, safety, and welfare of all your employees, and any plant, article, substance or system of work which may be used, is safe and without risk to health. This includes that all employees, contractors and visitors employed, instructed, invited or entertained by you are provided with suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure their health and safety as well as others working on or near your stand, or affected by your work actions or inactions during the show’s tenancy.

The principal areas, which need to be brought to your attention and any contractors, include the following.

  1. It is a legal requirement that you carry out a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment outlining the control measures you will implement to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level any major hazards or risks posed by your work activities.
  2. Ensure all persons understand the Fire and Emergency Procedures and the location of the First Aid Centre. All your staff and contractors must be notified of these procedures, and it is recommended that at least one member of your team has undertaken a basic first aid course.
  3. It is imperative that emergency exits and specific gangways are kept clear at all times.
  4. Working at height must be done in a safe manner, using suitable equipment in the approved way i.e. steps, scaffold towers, powered access equipment etc. Any unsafe work will be stopped by the organisers, the venue or their health and safety representatives until a safe method of work has been established. Contractors and or exhibitors working at height must wear hard hats and ensure that the area is cordoned off so as to avoid injuring other parties.
  5. Operatives must wear suitable protective clothing relevant to their job, which may include fall arrestors as well as head, eye, hearing, foot and hand protection.
  6. All powered access equipment, i.e. forklift trucks, cranes etc. are only to be operated by the appointed contractors who are fully trained, competent and licensed. All such equipment has been recently inspected in accordance with the Lifting Equipment & Lifting Operations Regulations 1998. Where restraining devices are fitted, they must be worn.
  7. Only acceptable substances are allowed on-site and full compliance with the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulation is required. Safety Data Sheets must be available for all such substances and brought to the attention of the Organisers.
  8. All portable, mains powered electrical equipment must carry a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate and the device must not have been modified in any way. Ensure portable power equipment is only used for the purpose for which it is designed, with safety guards and other safety devices fitted and used. Power leads must be kept to a minimum and only cross gangways if properly taped down. Power requirements must not overload the systems order. Such equipment must never be left unattended with power supplied to it. Please do not create a trip hazard at any time.
  9. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all their staff and contractors are fully trained to ensure safe working practices at all times. Good housekeeping and tidiness in all work areas minimises hazards and aids security.
  10. Please ensure all persons employed by yourself or your company or affected by your work actions are aware of these Health & Safety responsibilities. Exhibitors must obtain their contractors Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment detailing specific safety procedures, hazards and their associated control measures, competence and training of staff, and a named individual safety officer responsible for their work activities throughout the shows’ tenancy.
  11. It is the exhibitor’s/contractor’s responsibility to ensure that they and their staff are not working excessively long hours. Staff should be permitted suitable rest periods and if late working is undertaken, staff should be rotated in line with a work schedule.

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Site Rules & Induction

Site Rules

Whilst working at the event, it is important that you are aware of the safety rules, procedures and arrangements that are in place for your safety and that of your colleagues.

All of your employees and contractors are required to read these Site Rules prior to working and the following apply to all staff, organisers, contractors and exhibitors:

  • Comply with Venue Traffic Rules and follow the instruction of venue traffic marshals at all times
  • Vehicle access into the halls has to be approved by the Venue/Organisers of the event
  • Any vehicle or plant driven within the hall must adhere to the 5MPH speed limit and operate with hazards/turned on lights
  • Drivers must give way to pedestrians within the event hall/s and pedestrians must give way to vehicles within the loading bay/s
  • No persons are permitted to operate plant or machinery (including fork lift trucks) unless they have received adequate training
  • Appropriate management and safe methods of working at height is required at all times – in any areas where working at height is being carried out, the immediate area must be controlled
  • Ladder work must only be conducted for short work periods – you must NOT stand on the top tier of your ladders -any unsafe ladder work may result in the employee being ejected from the venue
  • No substances are to be used in the hall which have not been pre agreed by the venue and event organiser
  • Any person suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected from the venue
  • Hi Vis Jackets are compulsory during build up and breakdown and appropriate footwear must be worn whilst working in the venue – flip-flops, open-toed sandals, ballet pumps etc. are NOT acceptable
  • No hot works can take place in the venue without a Hot Works Permit being issued
  • All contractor accidents, incidents & near misses must be reported immediately to the organiser
  • Work Tidy – during builds and breakdowns, you must ensure aisles are kept clear at all times and that all waste is to be disposed of in an appropriate manner




  • If you have any security concerns please contact a venue employee or the organiser’s office. Inform them of the nature and location of the problem.
  • Do not leave any personal belongings or valuables unattended on your stand, the venue and organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses.


DO NOT PHONE FOR AN AMBULANCE – a venue first aider will do this if required. The Medical First Aid room is located on level 0.

  • A first aider can be contacted via the organiser’s office, using an internal phone on 2222 or using an external phone on 0121 767 2222
  • If possible give the following information:
    • Who you are
    • Who the injured person is
    • Exact Location
    • Nature of medical emergency
    • Is the patient male or female
    • Approximate age
    • Are they breathing, conscious or unconscious
    • Nature of illness – do they have chest pains/are they bleeding, etc.

All accidents, incidents or near misses must be reported to the Organiser/Venue Event Manager.


On discovering a fire:

  • On discovering a fire, raise the alarm by pressing the fire alarm break glass point
  • Or Use the Phone and Inform Site Operations Centre (Ops Centre) on the Fire Emergency Number: 3333 (Internal Phones -quicker) or 0121 767 3333 (External Phones)
  • Give the location and nature of fire.
  • Do not tackle the fire unless you have been trained, it is a very minor fire and it is safe to do so. Always ensure there is a safe exit route before attempting to extinguish any fire.
  • When it is safe to do so, identify yourself to a member of venue staff to assist with any follow up.

In the event of a fire report

  • In most areas the alarm will not sound initially – it will alert the Site Operations Centre who will dispatch the Fire Team to investigate.


  • In the event that the venue needs to be evacuated the following announcement will be broadcast over the public address system: Attention Please, attention please, this is an important announcement. Circumstances make it necessary for everyone to leave the building. Please make your way to the nearest exit. Please note your nearest exit may not be the one came in.
  • Immediately leave the building via the nearest exit, do not use lifts or stop to collect personal belongings
  • Go to the nearest assembly point and do not leave this area or re-enter the building until told to do so. Please see the site map to locate your nearest assembly point.



The organiser’s office is in office 17.4 at the front of the hall. If you need to contact a member or the organisers team on-site please call 07887 758158.


  • Both female and male toilets along with hand wash basins are available throughout the venue.


  • Food outlets are available onsite during set up, show open and dismantle – both within the hall and in the public areas.
  • Drinking water is available to purchase in any of the food outlets.


  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.


  • Anyone found to be drinking alcohol or taking drugs will be asked to leave the venue

Site Layout

Please click here for more details on the site layout https://www.thenec.co.uk/media/6704/nec-site-map-2021.pdf 

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